The Beer: This is my version of a Scottish Heavy. With its heavy malt presence (both in the flavor and aroma) this ale is my favorite.

The Vitals:

  • OG: 1.067
  • FG: 1.018
  • ABV: 6.38%
  • IBU: 18.62
  • SRM: 39.1
  • CAL: 223 (PER 12 OZ)
  • CARB: 24 (PER 12 OZ)

The Story: I truly love the Scottish Ales and have always enjoyed brewing them. Since I have to travel an hour’s time to get a true Scots ale, I decided it was time to start brewing my own. After a few trial and errors (had to get the malt to hop balance correctly), I have finally created a brew that fits my palate. It took several batches to achieve the final product, hence the name “Wee Daft”.